What You Can Do with Grand Theft Auto V

grand vLos Santos and the San Andreas area are a great place to visit – and whether you’re interested in the beautiful coastline, serene countryside, or the glamour of Vinewood -there’s plenty on offer. If it’s leisure you’re after, we have it in spades – with miles of glorious beach to enjoy. To cool off, you could go for a swim, help out the lifeguards, go scuba diving, or indulge in some other water sports – you’re in for a good time! Back on dry land, there’s a host of other activities -you could go for a leisurely jog. If you’re feeling more active, you could go for a bike ride -and if things get too hot, don’t be afraid to take your top off either!

Find your inner center with Yoga, or the perfect swing with a round of golf. Work on your backhand with a game or two of tennis, or stay indoors and play some darts instead. Take a more leisurely pace by walking your dog, play fetch with a ball, or teach him some new tricks. Take a trip down to the Del Perrot pier to see the sights atop the Ferris wheel -although thrill seekers might prefer the more frantic action found on the roller coaster along side. Take the action off the rails by riding a mountain bike on the terrain that suits them best, or go for the two-stroke option and power down on a dirt bike instead.

If you’d rather be swept off your feet, there’s no bigger thrill than parachuting down that same mountain -or perhaps keep yourself tethered with a spot of abseiling instead. If you’d really like to learn how to fly, fear not – lessons are readily available. After a busy day, you’ll be sure to desire some refreshment – whether it’s the infectious taste of e Cola, or a freshly-blended healthy dose of juice. If intoxication is more your scene, there’s nothing quite like sucking down an ice-cold wiser -or if you prefer hard liquor there’s always a fine whiskey.

grandIf smokeables are more your scene, relax with a cigar, or indulge in the greener side of life with a fat joint, or take a hit from a bong: and if that’s not enough, huffing gas will certainly take you where you need to be. If you’re into culture, you won’t be left wanting – whether you go to the movies, enjoy some street entertainment, or just watch some TV – there’s no shortage of cultural diversion. If you want to get even closer to the stars, take a Vinewood tour for a professional insight-or look through a telescope if you want to do a little more literal stargazing.

There are many scenic views in and around Los Santos – on a clear day you can see for miles. If you’d like to take looking through a lens to the next level, become an avid shutterbug and pursue your dream to be a paparazzo -or, you could just take a sulfide, and update your Life Invader page with all your cultural exploits. If style is your substance then perhaps here you’ll find one that suits you -whether you need to smarten up for a special occasion, or adopt an entirely new identity. Visit the barbers and get a new hair do…Or a hair don’t.

Perhaps you could even grow a full beard. Make a permanent inscription towards your identity with a tattoo -or if that’s a step too far, perhaps you can express your individuality by just choosing new ringtone. Of course, style doesn’t come cheap – but San Andreas is the land of opportunity, and the perfect place to invest in a fledgling business.

With sufficient capital, you could make a killing on the stock market…as long as you make sure to protect your business’ interests. Of course, spending money is more fun than making it – and if you’ve cash to burn you could do worse than to treat yourself to a new set of wheels. Go shopping for some new hardware -and practice your marksmanship to get the biggest bang for your buck.  More stuff here.


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