TitanFall the Upgrade Call of Duty

titan doitI bought this game through Origin and believed I would share my feedback on this game prior to you decide to buy it. I thought I might like this game and I ended up actually hating it, wishing I returned it with Beginning when I had the opportunity. The sort of unusual part here is that, generally I am the one person that gets every other FPS/sci fi game out. With Titanfall, you think I will be consistently allocated to a game like this, coming from a background of games such as Crysis 3, the Halo series, and even going back until Doom. However the sad part is, I’m not that into this game.
Titanfall (for those that have actually been dwelling under a rock) is a new FPS/Mech game established by some former, rogue Call of Duty/Infinity Ward workers that wanted to make their own game/game studio. Titanfall is an online-only game (there isn’t truly a standard campaign/single gamer experience) and the game is aimed at being a fast paced, action-oriented FPS.

titan doitOff the bat, generally there are some factors Titanfall does actually well. To start with, the game is original. Yes, it resembles CoD, however this is its own game. This’d a vibrant danger to establish a traditional mech-oriented game for this day and age. Titanfall pulls it off truly well. And from what I remember, there haven’t really been any video games to incorporate both FPS and mech battling into a game like this. Aside from this, game is really fun and is extremely simple to get for the casual gamer. It also has this mechanic of “wall running” and “double jumps” which is different from many FPS game today. Finally the game has extremely solid controls and has a good, classic “quake” feel to it. It’s a true game shooter with modern-day graphics.
For anything Titanfall does well, however, there is simply not nearly enough to this game for me to validate this being a mainstream, $60 computer game. Besides the price, there are particular core gameplay functions and mechanics that I’m not happy with. So let’s start to look at a few of those things.

titan acceptOne thing I do not such as is the limited player count on the internet. When it comes to all the action this game has, it’s only a 6 vs. 6 player game. Now a big variety of players isn’t everything in a game. But I come from a background of playing Battleground 4 on a maxed out, water cooled computer. And how does this video game stack up to Battleground? Not very well whatsoever. You see, Titanfall is constructed like it’s supposed to be a big game, not a small 6 vs. 6 games similar to Halo. The maps are huge, the environments are huge, but instead of gunning down other gamers, have the time you are just shooting at “mindless robots”. That’s right, 4 fifths of the action going on are silly A.I. working around the graph that allows the game appear like there are more games than there are. Plus the much more irritating thing is, this’d difficult to mention to if you are eliminating gamers or robots unless you take your eyes off the battle to see who you simply killed in the goutiest alerts.

titan nowWhy this game was restricted to only 6 vs. 6 is beyond me. I’m going to take a wild guess that it was budget-related reasons. However it’s one of the biggest offer breakers for this game for me. If this game had even just 20 vs. 20 players, I think I would have a much different viewpoint on this game. The A.I. running around is truly foolish. They can barely intend and are simply cannon fodder so you can lure out some players. They may have a lot potential to do other things with regular “grunts”. It might be great if actual players could start off as them and work their method approximately setting a “pilot” midway with game. However that’s not how this works. Everybody plays “godlike” pilots that simply kill brainless A.I. half the game.

I’m truly noshing this A.I. mechanic right here; however another reason I don’t such as this is it made the game too repeated. Every game is the same thing. Mindless robotics associating real gamers. Shooting brainless robots after so long gets quite recurring. Anyway the A.I., nonetheless, any other things I want to pick at for this video game is lag, graphics, balance, and audio. These kinds of video game gets truly dreadful lag, and I am on a rock-solid company connection. The graphics, however great are not terrific. This game reeks of “console to PC” port. Not only this, however there is a bug that prevents some people (myself consisted of) from selecting the maximum anti-aliasing setting, even if you have a good enough computer to run it.


titan today
In addition to all this, I don’t like the balance of the game. You see, this game honors you these “burn cards” that can be transferred into the next match. This system is extremely broken in my opinion. It lets some players get a titan mech EXTREMELY early in the game, offering them a huge advantage to maim the other team prior to the action even begins. Besides the very early titan power up, it also provides you subdued and under-balanced tools that slaughter the other team. I do not feel that players ought to get a boost the next game for doing great in the previous game. Your previous games are in history. A brand-new match needs to begin fresh. These burn cards are one feature that I can see wrecking this game for people that would wish to play it competitively/in tournaments unless it can be handicapped which I am uncertain about.

titan todayThe last couple things I got to tear at are the audio and core gameplay. Audio wise, I do not like the soundtrack to this game. They made a big deal about the sound for this video game and if you ask me, I think the music is unoriginal and boring. A lot of sci fi games have unbelievably identifiable songs/soundtracks, like the infamous choir of Halo or the wicked violins in Crysis. Not this game. In case everything, it sounds like a cheap knock off of the menu music in Starcraft with a European feel to it.
Lastly, I wish to pick at the core gameplay. Though the core gameplay is enjoyable, I feel like it’s a little too quick paced. The speed and which gamers move and run about is outrageous. Also the titans are unreasonably quickly. Watch gamers walk about in the setting and this appears like they’re “removed” from the game. Their feet are going slower that the world moving around them.


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