Pokemon Worldwide Fun

arceus 2It had been years considering that I last played a Pokemon game (Soul Silver, I believe?). In spite of the original Red and Blue variations being some of my earliest and dearest gaming memories, it appeared like I was simply playing the very same game over and over once more in all of the sequels. I figured X and Y would be no various and really didn’t preorder till the eleventh hour when I check out that there would be worldwide online connectivity. I was totally taken by surprise by all of the other remarkable modifications and additions! The game had the ability to make me feel the very same sense of wonder I had when I initially played Red as a youngster.

poke 13

Graphics are upgraded and the pokemon, battle animations, and environments look stunning. An entirely brand-new region and lots of brand-new animals! I really feel motivated to check out and catch everything. International online functions- from fighting and trading, to new elements like O-powers that allow you to assist other players out. Together with all the brand-new pokemon, the classics are still there, including my very first pokemon from in the past.. Thanks to these and newcomers like Fennekin (fire kinds are still my preferred after all these years), I have a more difficult time than ever choosing who to keep on my group!


In Pokemon-Amie you can animal and play 3 minigames each with four trouble levels to unlock with your creatures, in addition to feed them deals with called Poke Puffs that you get as rewards for the minigames. It’s enjoyable, adorable, and includes a sensation of friendship with them that I felt was missing from the initial video games. Likewise, raising your pokemon’s relationship level offers them an experience boost and causes them to do special things in battle occasionally like preventing attacks, landing important hits, and healing themselves of condition results.

arceus 9

Super Training allows you to play a shooting minigame to enhance your pokemon’s base statistics. Like a certain pokemon, but one of its stats is terrible? Now you can fix that. Trainer customization- Buy new clothing and accessory items for your trainer or change their hairstyle/eye color. I enjoy games like Style Savvy, so I really enjoy this element. I have not actually gotten to do this yet, but apparently it takes place during fight if you have actually a completely progressed pokemon hold a specific item. For example, have Charizard hold Charizardite X or Y and it will certainly develop into a mega X or Y variation.


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