Sims 4 Friendly To All Thinker Gamer

sims xxxxxSims 4 fans are quite anxious and at the same excited because in a matter of less than one month, they will be experiencing for the first time the Sims 4 at the comfort of their own PC or Mac. Despite the game’s release date proximity, it is still one of the hottest issues being tackled on why EA and Maxis has to go away with what seems to be previously good and working without problem features — that is toddlers and pools. It is quite frustrating to hear such news from a sims fan and gamers’ standpoint. I know this because I am on the same boat as you are. But we all need to settle down at one point and hear what the developer has to say on this and we go from there.

If you were following the game development, then you already have heard that EA and Maxis already made an official statement as to why such things need to happen on the verge of what is dubbed to be the best Sims game ever. Well, in fairness to them they explained that there were technical problems that prohibited such features to be on the upcoming sims game not to mention that time is one of the factor that played an important role in it. In addition to what they have mentioned above, later on they also have mentioned that going away from such features will also allow more players with the game being able to play even with lower specification gaming rigs.

As what the developers have detailed in their recent posts on this matter, it has been mentioned that money is another issue because of the fact that developing toddlers would require a separately developed designs and animations apart from the base ones. It will surely cost a lot and would take too much time to develop offsetting the time frame by which EA has scheduled the game to be released. You don’t want to wait too long, do you?

I guess with the toddler thing is already settled out based upon the reasons presented but what about pools? It is that really big of a deal to include the game? As to whether what really conspired on this part of the game one can only guess that this has also have something to do with the initial development of the game? I am guessing that this feature needs to perfectly mesh out with the overall game design, animation and graphics engine.

Now, as a gamer, it is really up to you to get yourself accustomed to the new Sims 4 game and its feature or pass on not play the game not until they will fix such issue by releasing a DLC.

Sims 4 best for follower )


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