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GTA 4As Grand Theft Auto 3, Rockstar Games has ported the huge Playstation 2 attacked Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the PC. And as before, the PC variation sports much better graphics, new computer mouse controls, MP3 playback, custom-made skins, and the capability to do fast replays. This time around, however, Rockstar has put even more effort into tuning efficiency than they finished with GTA3.


This is a bold statement that some could not think: on the 3 computers I played it on, Vice City ran smoother than GTA3. There are a couple of bugs, including a crash bug that seems to hit all of the computers I tried this game on – it was periodic at the worst.


Besides that, however, this video game plays like a dream. The system requirements are almost right; I ‘d consider the video game really playable with a system on or around the minimum specifications provided above. While Vice City needs DirectX 9 (in fact, the installer will just all of a sudden begin installing DX9 without asking you), it does not appear to use any of the features new to this variation of DirectX. FSAA works beautifully in Vice City, which is pretty much expected nowadays anyway.

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When you are on foot, the computer mouse regulates work marvels for this video game. The PS2 variation had a targeting system that in fact made it really simple to hit individuals with handguns, shotguns, and sub-machine guns, however the larger weapons were a hassle to use due to the fact that you had no choice however to aim with the analog sticks. That targeting system is still right here for those who wish to utilize a gamepad, and if you switch on computer mouse controls, and then you’ll have to do it manually. Still, the mouse controls are much more constant across all weapons and are significantly enhanced over making use of a stick.


Most likely the most significant gripe I have with the computer variation of Vice is that managing a helicopter with the keyboard is such a pain. The keyboard is of course not too appropriate for this, however it might still be done great if there was a separate set of controls for flying a helicopter (which there isn’t really); you have to hobble along with your on-foot/driving controls, which is pretty aggravating.


When Grand Theft Auto 3 was ported to the computer, people totally recognized just what type of art was entering into the game – much of the detail was easy to miss on a TV. The very same is taking place right here, as the world just seems much livelier when in high resolution. It also resembles some of the structures are a bit more detailed in the computer version, which would make sense as the PS2 does not have a lot of memory for saving them.

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The trees and bushes in Vice City look much better than the PS2 version, however there are still some issues with transparency – particularly when looking at other things with the edges of the trees. There likewise aren’t any brand-new special impacts in the Computer version, however in my viewpoint, there really didn’t need to be any – this video game still looks better than a lot of stuff out there. The sense of design and art that Rockstar used in Vice City is simply extraordinary, and the PC platform does everything it can to reveal it to you.


I’ve currently examined GTA: Vice City – I drooled all over it when it was launched last October, and for the sake of this awesome game, I am going to drool all over it some more.


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